Why You Need A Mobile-Optimized Website for Luxury Hotels, Resorts & Villas

To Avoid Search Ranking "Penalites" by Google
To Benefit Your Largest Group of Viewers: Mobile

Google now penalizes websites which do not fully support mobile access. If your site fails the Google mobile test, your site is guaranteed to appear lower than your competitors who do provide custom support for mobile devices.

The reason for this is that it's a guaranteed fact that over 60% of your website visitors are viewing your content from a mobile device. So, Google rewards those sites that make it easier—and conversely penalizes sites that make it harder—for mobile website visitors to view and interact with their content.

We specialize in redefining and redesigning luxury hotel, resort, and villa websites so that your site is truly mobile-optimized and responsive, and stands apart and above your competition.

Take Google's test and see how your website fares... and if it fails, please get in touch with us!