About LuxViz



Each LuxViz service has a singular purpose: to promote the business interests for our clients' luxury hotel, resorts, and villa properties.

Our image-based services include:

  • Architectural photography
  • Food photography
  • Product photography
  • Aerial photography and video
  • 360° aerial and ground panoramas
  • Video & time lapse cinematography
  • Mobile-optimized websites
  • Custom iOS and Android mobile apps

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The Primacy of Images

The old addage remains true: "a picture is worth a thousand words." It should then come as no surprise that when it comes to advertising and marketing, nothing captures people's attention like a picture.

So, which would you prefer to have for your advertising and marketing illustrations - simple photographs, or images?

Here, we'll help you. You want images!

With today's inexpensive digital cameras and cell phones, anyone can be a "photographer"... but these photographers' work usually only causes people to go, "Hmmm, that's nice."

The big difference is editing. Images—created by truly professional photographers—require highly technical editing after capturing the photo. Professionally edited images tend to have a much more powerful emotional impact than a simple snapshot. People see a great image and they go, "WOW!" (Actually, depending on the person, the reaction is likely to be much more colorful than "wow.")

Hmmm, or WOW! Which type of reaction do you want?

The Power of Stories

The objective of each of our image-based products is to empower the stories that are shared in person by our clients, and within social media circles about our clients' luxury properties.

We live our lives as stories, so it's understandable that everyone loves to hear an interesting story being told. Especially when told with passion, and even more so when there are stunning visual aids to help others "see" and become a part of the story - which is basically the type of "word-of-mouth" advertising that happens in social media.

And, there’s nothing like it. Nothing!

No online, radio, television, or print advertising can provide the instant persuasiveness and credibility that comes from seeing the glowing reports and fascinating travel stories of people we know. And no amount of hand-waving can substitute for sharing gorgeous imagery to illustrate the story being told.

Our professional-quality photography, video, timelapse, 360° panoramas, websites, and mobile apps turn those story tellers and sharers into a persuasive, extended sales force in furthering the business goals that our clients have for their properties.

And that extended sales force works for free!

The Bottom Line

Whether it's considering investing in foreign real estate or making international travel plans, the first thing people do is search the internet to investigate their options.

Everywhere you turn in the Asia/Pacific region, there are hundreds of new luxury resorts and spas and literally thousands of new luxury villas being built - which, when added to the existing properties in this part of the world, further intensifies the competition for sales and visitor bookings.

LuxViz provides you with a significant competitive edge for online and word of mouth advertising.

Our photographic images, 360° panoramas, cinematic timelapse videos, mobile-optimized websites, and custom iOS and Android mobile apps for luxury hotels and villas, are designed to generate a powerful emotional connection with the viewer - creating something we call "Emotive Marketing." Our visual media products cause your luxury hotel, resort, or villa property to become more attractive, and more desirable than your competitors—resulting in more sales and bookings.

The bottom line as we see it is this: the properties with the best images are the ones to capture potential investors' or international travelers' attention... and those properties which generate the most powerful emotive connection capture their money.

Contact us today to discuss how LuxViz media services can improve the bottom line for your luxury property.