Why You Need Custom Mobile Apps for Luxury Hotels, Resorts & Villas

The Short Answer

  • Mobile devices now account for a larger share of online time than desktop devices (60% versus 40%)
  • People spend more than 80% of their time on their mobile devices within apps
  • People are more frequently performing app store searches for apps with content that match their interests
  • LuxViz has published more mobile travel apps than any other publisher
  • Apps are 2–10 times more effective than any other media for advertising and generating call to action clicks

The bottom line is that by having a custom mobile app:

  • Your property will get additional exposure to luxury travelers performing app store searches
  • Your property will benefit from an enhanced branding by having your own custom mobile app
  • The exposure through the app will more likely lead to bookings than from people visiting your website

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The Benefits of Custom Mobile Apps

A New Way For Your Property To Be Found

The App stores are one of the fastest-growing areas for internet searches for new sources of content, and are the most common place for searches specifically for apps.

As more and more luxury travelers download apps for their mobile devices, more and more of thosse app store searches are going to be focused on luxury hotels, resorts and villas in exotic travel destinations like Bali. Marketing and advertising a luxury property through a custom mobile app is a powerful tool to help your property stand out from the thousands of other competing properties.

Greater Advertising Exposure & ROI

Print advertisement may have an effective lifespan of a couple of months. By using a custom mobile app as a digital publication, a luxury property will receive exposure that will literally last the life of the Apple iTunes and Google Play app stores! New users - years from now - will still be able to download your app. So, a custom mobile app for your luxury property is an investment that will generate ROI for literally years to come.

Enhanced Value of Your Luxury Brand

The word “luxury” is rapidly losing it’s meaning. The value in the label of luxury is being consistently diminished through the indiscriminate attachment of that term to “wannabe” properties. What’s a genuine luxury property to do?

Today, a genuine luxury property must also have an elegantly designed, socially enabled mobile app... to be credible, and to stand apart from the hordes of "luxury" imitators flooding the market. It used to be that a well-designed, attractive website was sufficient for establishing a luxury property’s credibility. Unfortunately, that’s no longer the case.

Today, a genuine luxury property must also have an elegantly designed, socially enabled mobile app... to be credible, and to stand apart from the hordes of “luxury” imitators flooding the market.

Leave no room for doubt. Strengthen the credibility of the luxury branding of your property with an elegantly-designed mobile app created by LuxViz.

Compete Against A Handful... Not Millions

Go ahead and see for yourself.

Do a Google search for “luxury villas” and you’ll find over 80,000,000 hits. Seriously! Next, try a search for “luxury villas Bali” and you’ll find around 16,000,000. (What does that say about the relative interest in Bali!!!)

Now, do a search for apps on the iTunes App Store for “luxury villas.” You’ll find maybe 80–90 apps there. Then, try a search for “luxury villas Bali.” There are a total of 20, and 19 of those are LuxViz created apps.

As we've already mentioned, an ever-increasing number of people are using mobile devices for all forms of content consumption, and those looking for insights for luxury travel are increasingly looking to apps as a way of differentiating the more exclusive luxury properties from the imitators.

Establish your presence and stand out in this new marketing arena before your competitors do.

LuxViz Experience

Creating gorgeous, engaging, and user-friendly apps is not easy. We spent 10-years working for Apple Computer, where we acquired many insights and skills into designing apps and content that provide that special "Apple-user-friendly" feel and effectiveness.

LuxViz has over three years experience as certified Apple and Android developers. Don't take a chance on a wannabe "app publisher."

You can trust LuxViz. We're absolutely the most experienced luxury travel app publisher for hotel, resort, and villa properties in this market.

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